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 We solve your visualisation task even if it is a hard nut to crack 





Welcome to imanux GmbH!


imanux GmbH exclusively represents customized LC-display and module- solutions from UNICORN directly to industrial key accounts of branches like automotive, medical, telecom, home appliances, measuring instruments, etc. in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Central Europe.

UNICORN Electronic (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd. emanates from a Buy Out of Zastron Electronics (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd. out of Namtai Group through UNICORN. UNICORN overtook Zastron´s very modern existing LCD and Module production facilities and has additionally installed a completely new, fully automated LCD line. On top UNICORN overtook the whole established Management Team of Zastron. As a result of these countermeasures quality, capacity and competitiveness increased substantially.

imanux GmbH resorts to over 20 years experience in the international display solution business. With imanux and UNICORN you are choosing the right partners for your applications from product development to mass production.

What means imanux? "ima" comes from Latin "imago" and means "image or visualisation" und "nux" is also Latin and means "nut". Hence our slogan is: "We solve your visualisation task even if it is a hard nut to crack."